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    I. All products specified on www.ozgurmasur.com are customized according to the dimensions and other requests of the CUSTOMER. Accordingly, orders placed or to be made on www.ozgurmasur.comcannot be changed or returned. The CUSTOMER accepts and declares that he or she does not have the right to return and change his purchases from OZGUR MASUR, which produces personalized products. II. The CUSTOMER has no right to withdraw or terminate the contract. If the fee specified in the contract is received in the form of prepayment and then withdrawn from the contract, this prepayment will be charged as a cancellation fee. III. OZGUR MASUR reserves the right to suspend the order when it deems necessary, when the information provided by the CUSTOMER does not match the truth. In cases where Özgür Masur detects a problem in the order, if he cannot reach the CUSTOMER from the phone, e-mail and postal addresses given by the CUSTOMER, he freezes the execution of the order for 7 business days. CUSTOMER is expected to contact OZGUR MASUR regarding the issue within this period. If no reply is received from the CUSTOMER within this period, OZGUR MASUR cancels the order in order to prevent damage to both parties.