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    Terms and Conditions


    I. The CUSTOMER accepts and declares that he / she knows and approves the basic characteristics, sales price, payment methods and delivery conditions of the product subject to this Contract by reading all the relevant preliminary information on the wwwozgurmasur.com website. This preliminary information is available electronically. By confirming this contract electronically, it confirms that the basic characteristics of the product, sales price excluding taxes and delivery price, payment and delivery information have been obtained correctly and completely.

    II. The CUSTOMER accepts and declares that he has read and understood all the preliminary information / conditions written in the contract, will comply with all obligations in full and on time, and will assume the relevant rights and responsibilities along with the purchasing process.

    III. All intellectual property rights (information, articles, images, trademarks, logos, design and text, page layout, etc.) in OZGUR MASUR and www.ozgurmasur.com are the exclusive property of OZGUR MASUR. No material on www.ozgurmasur.com may be altered, copied, downloaded, uploaded, reproduced, repackaged, republished, transmitted, redistributed or resold, in whole or in any way. The use of materials on this website is strictly prohibited under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. Legal and criminal sanctions regarding this will be applied directly to the Buyer. The buyer, the images, information, content, etc. related to this document. It accepts, declares and undertakes all intellectual and industrial rights including www.ozgurmasur.com and the rights under the Industrial Property Law belongs to OZGUR MASUR and will not use or copy these rights for himself or third parties.

    IV. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read, understood and informed the text of the Law on Protection of Personal Data in this contract and at www.ozgurmasur.com. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that he consents to process and share the information appropriately where permitted by law.